Tristar Series

TriStar® is the most hydraulically efficient pool pump that provides superior flow and energy efficiency. The wide range of TriStar pumps are the perfect fit for a variety of pump installations. This superior hydraulic efficiency allows the pump to deliver the performance of larger, more expensive pumps Two-speed models are ENERGY STAR Certified and compliant with industry regulations including Title 20 and APSP 15; may be eligible for local utility rebates Quick and easy installation and servicing with 2” x 2.5” union connections; adapts to larger plumbing allowing less frequent run times per day, saving energy and money No-rib, extra- large basket design ensures easy leaf and debris removal and extends time between cleanings
SP3207EE3/4 Hp Tristar Full Rate
SP3210EE1 Hp Tristar Full Rate
SP3215EETriStar Single Speed Pump, 1.5 HP Full Rate
SP3220EE2 Hp Tristar Full Rate
SP3230EE3 HP TriStar Full Rate

Technical Specifications

ModelTotal H.P.Rated H.P.Service FactorVoltageUnion ConnectorsDim.
SP3207EE1.393/41.85115/208-230213 7/8
SP3210EE1.8511.85115/208-230 214 3/8
SP3215EE2.401 1/21.60 115/208-230 214 7/8
SP3220EE2.7021.35208-230214 7/8
SP3230EE3.6031.20208-230217 1/8

Performance - Energy Efficient Full Rated

Pump Output (GPM) vs. Total Resistance To Flow (Feet of Head)

SP3207EE104 GPM95 GPM85 GPM71 GPM53 GPM23 GPM
SP3210EE131 GPM122 GPM110 GPM97 GPM82 GPM60 GPM16 GPM
SP3215EE150 GPM148 GPM140 GPM126 GPM112 GPM94 GPM70 GPM
SP3220EE170 GPM170 GPM162 GPM148 GPM130 GPM110 GPM80 GPM26 GPM
SP3230EE190 GPM190 GPM186 GPM174 GPM155 GPM138 GPM114 GPM72 GPM