Mounting Rings

Converts a Light Niche to Accept a Standard Replacement Light.

Adaptable Light Ring will fit any metal or hand formed niche from 9-3/4″ to 12″ solving the problem of trying to repair an obsolete light, or trying to reconstruct a niche to fit a standard light. The unique feature of these light rings is that they can be installed in a few minutes and accept a standard light.
Simply remove the old light, insert the Adaptable Light Ring, tighten the retaining screws, and install the new light . It’s that easy.

500P constructed from rugged ABS (plastic) for durability that offers the added benefit of light weight.

Adapted for lights:

  • Purex,
  • Wade,
  • Pac Fab,
  • Hayward Starlight,
  • Duralight Series,
  • American Amerlite,
  • Hayward Astrolight Series
Part No.Inside DiameterOutside Diameter
AP-7921165 1/4 “6″
AP-7920329 2/3″10 2/3″